Varmalogy Workshop Schedule

Current Schedule

The following are the currently planned workshop schedules:

Type of Workshop Place Date Other Details
Basic Medical
Varmalogy Workshop
Ari Vaagai,
No: 10, Balan Nagar,
Coimbatore - 641030.
Tamil Nadu, India.
20th July, 2019
21st July, 2019
For further information:
Basic Medical
Varmalogy Workshop
Hotel Amudha Bhavan,
Opp. Kongu Kalaiyarangam,
Sampath Nagar,
Erode, TN.
10th August, 2017
11th August, 2017
Basic Medical
Varmalogy Workshop
Sri Besant Lodge,
Opp. Jupiter Theatre,
Near Old Bustand,
Tamil Nadu, India.
31st August, 2019
1st September, 2019
Contact Info
Mr. Ashok @ +91-94422-49293
Mr. Kathiravan @ +91-94422-39293

For workshops conducted at Coimbatore, shared accommodation can be provided free of cost during the workshop dates. Accommodation can be given only for the first 30 participants who register with us along with advance payment.

Accommodation will be very basic in nature, but will be neat and clean. Separate accommodation will be provided for gents and ladies.

$Last Update$: 13th July 2019


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