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Ramakrishna Mission Vidhyalayam - Guru Pooja (01 Jan 2006)

Dr. N.Shunmugom, Tamil Department, Ramakrishna Mission Vidhyalam, who had done extensive research on varmam, has presented a small portion of his findings along with Tamil Department at Guru Pooja festival conducted at Ramakrishna Mission Vidhyalam on 1st January 2006.

Dr. S.P.Thiyagarajan, Vice-Chancellor, Madras University visiting the exhibition hall and interacting with Dr. N.Shunmugom.

Swami Kithakadmananthaji, Ramakrishna Mission Vidhyalayam, Coimbatore visiting the exhibition hall and interacting with Dr. N.Shunmugom

Swami Veerabathranandhaji, President, Ramakrishna Mutt, Kuilandi, Kerela visiting the exhibition hall and Dr. N.Shunmugom demonstrating varmam points on his hand.

Varmam texts are exhibited in the form of palm leaves and paper manuscripts.

Students from Ramakrishna Mission Vidhyalayam, Coimbatore and students from Thirumoolar Varmalogy Institute, Coimbatore acted as volunteers.


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