Introduction to Varmam

The points where life force resides and flows in the human body are known as varmam. Varmam also means where breathing enery resides in the body (Vaakata Nithanam : Verse 31). Varmam are scattered over various parts of body like in nerves, nerve joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and inner organs.

Based on where varmam is located in the body, it has gathered various names like Vasi, Puravi, Kaalam, Uyir, Mayakkam, Pranan, Kalai, Suvaasam, Saram, Yogam, Param and Sivam. This has been mentioned in the Tamil text, Vaakata Nithanam.

Vaakata Nithanam : Verse 350 - 30

Based on this song, the word Varmam referred to flow of life force in relationship with breathing. In Malayalam, Varmam is known as Marmam .

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