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Thirumoolar is one of the most notable siddhas of all Tamil siddha heritages. He has authored various Tamil texts like:

Thirumanthiram 3000 dates back to 5 A.D. Hence it can be interpreted that Thirumoolar lived in 5 A.D. in the Tamil world. Thirumanthiram is the only Tamil text, which teaches all four stages in the life namely:

Thirumoolar taught the philosophy of " Healthy mind in a healthy body " to the world. Thirumoolar directly and indirectly quotes about varmam points in relevance with chakras and breathing cycle, using various concepts based on Aayul Pareetchai, Aathaaram, Kalai Nilai, Sara Nilai, and Vaara Soolam etc. He also mentions the effect of planetary radiation on human life. He lists down the protection mechanisms one should follow to safeguard him or her from the natural forces in the earth.

Of all available Tamil texts, Thirumoolar's Thirumanthiram is the oldest text that discusses about varmam. Based on that fact, the institute is named as Thirumoolar Varmalogy Institute.

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