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The main purpose of this rare ancient art of varmam is to save the precious human lives. Misuse of this ancient art has caused our masters and ancestors to conceal informative texts about varmam, which are in the form of palm-leaf manuscripts. Today, those manuscripts are in the brink of extinction. Hundreds of such rare manuscripts are scattered across many houses in South India (Tamil Nadu and Kerala). It is our duty to collect, processes, and transform these rare manuscripts into a form helpful to the Siddha Medicine. It is also our duty to safeguard these valuable texts and pass it on to the next generation. Thirumoolar Varmalogy Institute vows to do this task.

By analyzing the varmam texts that are collected so far, our researchers have arrived at the following seven hypotheses of teaching varmam. They are:

Names of the few known text are as follows:

Hundreds of similar such texts are never published and the world has no clue about them.

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